What is Caravan Tea?

Based out of the mono-seasonal region of Southern California, we here at Caravan Tea supply premium and specialty teas from select traditional growing regions and up-and-coming estates to tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs here in California and around the US.

At Caravan Tea our focus is providing you the very best tea experience so you can explore the rich tea culture that has made this traditional brew popular around the world for thousands of years.

Whether you’re looking for a partner for quiet contemplation, quality time with friends and family, a zen moment at work, or a healthy pick me up, we want to offer you a path to your own adventure (guides available!).

We offer loose leaf teas and subscriptions online and you can find us in person at select markets and fairs.

Feel free to ask us any questions you’ve got by shooting us an email to theteam (at) caravan-tea (dot) com.