Australian Spring Flush 2016/2017 Black Tea


This beautiful golden-tippy Australian Spring Flush 2016/2017 Black Tea has great citrus, stonefruit notes and a bright finish to a malty brew.



This Australian Spring Flush 2016/2017 Black Tea is a beautiful example of a black tea. Its golden tips, smooth body, and woody sweet flavor make it an all around winner. Since the leaf material is generally suited to temperamental Japanese green styles, it’s really quite interesting that a tea like this could be produced at such a fine quality.

The tea bushes are pruned and harvested using a proprietary bike harvester at the estate. It is a human-powered, low-impact machine that cuts following the contours of the land with remarkable accuracy and reliability. They also don’t use pesticides or fungicides though herbicides are occasionally used in weed management.

Grown: Bellthorpe, Queensland, Australia
Type: Black Tea
Organic: No – Conventional Estate, No Pesticides
Tea Maker: Brendon Collins of Arakai Estate
Dry Aroma: Berry Citrus, Floral, Lightly Smokey
Tasting Notes: Malty, Stonefruit, and Wood Notes

Brewing Suggestion: We like this tea best in a teapot when we used 1 tablespoons(3-5 grams) of tea first brewed for 3-5 minutes with boiling water. For gaiwan brewing, use about 5 grams for around 30-45 seconds for the first steep.

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 oz (28.35 grams), 2 oz (56.7 grams)

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